Cleaning and kids

Some days I really miss the manias that came with uncontrolled bipolar. I used to get so much done! As it is, I get distracted easily and go from one project to another, never really finishing any of them, until three days later when I get back around to them. I don’t miss the depressions though, I would get nothing at all done for two weeks at a time. I barely moved off the couch. All-in-all, I think I’m better off now. I can sometimes stick to one thing long enough to get it done as long as I’m not too ambitious. It has to be a small task, not “cleaning the house”, but “cleaning the downstairs bathroom”, or “catching up on laundry”. I can do more than one in a day, but I have to set small goals, and even then I’m likely to get distracted in the middle. It’s easier when I’ve got the whole family involved. If the kids are doing chores, I’m more likely to stick to doing mine. But, I do most of the chores while they’re at school.


Yeah, as a consequence of me doing things while they’re gone for the day, the boys think I’m lazy! I get everything done before they get home so that I can spend time with them for the afternoon and evening, and the kids think I don’t do anything but sit on the couch. Gggrrrrrr! Hubby has tried defending me even as I defend myself, but I don’t think they really believe it. Or, if I run out of time and have to finish folding clothes after they get home, Older Boy actually said that I only do laundry when they’re home so that I can make them help fold! Yes, that’s right. All your clothes get cleaned once every two weeks, in two loads that you have to help fold. Yup. I can’t win. I’m giving up. I’ll keep doing chores and keeping the house while they’re gone and some day they’ll find out just how much I always did. Karma. That’s my vindication. Eventually they’ll have to do it all for themselves.


Ha! I sound like my parents: “I hope someday you have kids just like you!” Too funny. It’s true though. Just because I can’t get down on the floor and wrestle with them or chase them around the yard, I’m lazy. Maybe once some of the weight has come off the arthritis will get better and I’ll be able to chase them a bit, but for now they’ll just have to love me for who I am, not what I can do. And they do. Younger Boy told me the other day that I was “made of love”. And he didn’t even want anything! He just said it out of nowhere. It has been established that Hubby is the one they can get down and play rough with, and I am the lovey one. I’m OK with that. I just wish they knew how much I do in a day!

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3 Responses to Cleaning and kids

  1. That’s got to sting a little, that they don’t think you do anything. Ouch. But you are right… someday they will learn. The best lessons are life lessons. {And btw, I feel you on the uncontrolled bipolar. The manic phases did have their advantages!}

  2. Lol! Bipolars unite! Yeah, it will come as a surprise when they get a little older and have to do their own laundry and such.

  3. youmeanme says:

    I thought I was appreciative of my parents but having my own home made me realize that I had no idea what went on in a day!
    I’m sorry that they’re not more appreciative about the work you do but how sweet to know that you’re made of love 🙂

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