Saving and spending and a good cause

The next 6 months are going to be great. We have so much planned for summer, my parents are coming to visit now,  we’ll have finished bathrooms, and a family portrait! Exciting! I’m really looking forward to it all.


The idea of saving money while at the same time paying off bills is a good one for us. No, we are not going to be making in interest what we will be paying in finance charges, but I’m actually OK with that. I’d rather be able to live a little now and pay off the debt over a few more months, than miss this time with the kids doing fantastic things and making lifelong memories just so I can pay off the credit card 8 months sooner. It’s not worth it to me. We won’t be charging things (I’m taking the credit cards out of my wallet) and we’ll have some savings just in case something happens and we need it. It would mean putting off a vacation 2 years from now, but we can figure that out if the need arises. Saving will help me feel like I have something to show for all our hard work.


It’s amazing how my outlook changed once I realized what was really important to us. It took my husband to point it out to me though. I’m grateful that he did. His cause, his goal in life, is to be the best husband and father he can be. He’s doing an amazing job of it. When he said that, it made me realize that every decision I’ve made in my life since I met him has been directed toward making our family better and stronger. I hadn’t realized it totally before then. I stayed at home until the boys were school aged because we both had that growing up and wanted it for our boys. Going back to school was about earning the money from the GI Bill so that the boys could stay in private school. I’ve been doing the finances for 20 years now with the goal of keeping us comfortable and ahead of the game. I just didn’t realize that keeping us comfortable (within our means) was a goal. I thought it was the means to an end. Well, the end is the family, and keeping us comfortable within our means directly contributes to that end.


I am still going to go out in the world and try to do good. I will volunteer (and maybe it will lead to a job someday) and give my time and some of our money to good causes outside of ourselves. But hte goal is to keep our little family together, intact, safe, and happy. I guess I never considered that a cause before Hubby said something. It’s the best cause though. We will have two children who grow up with good memories of a happy family, parents who support each other in every way, and who supported them in their interests and ideas. They will never doubt our love for them or each other. That’s a pretty worthy cause.

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