I’m thinking about volunteering while the kids are in school. It will help people and make me happy. It will give me something to do and keep me sane. It will give me valuable experience and contacts for the job market if I later decide to get a job. Now the trouble becomes picking an organization to volunteer with. There are dozens of nonprofits in the area and I’m sure all of them would welcome a regular volunteer. So far, I’m leaning toward the food bank. It’s an incredibly good cause, they have spaces for regular volunteers set up, and they have youth days where I could bring the kids and show them what it’s like to help others. Older Boy especially has been hankering to help the less fortunate, this would be a good way to let him.


Starting will have to wait until after my parents’ visit obviously, and I won’t be able to volunteer over the summer, but I can start now and then do it again next school year. While it’s not as good as a truly regular volunteer, at least I will be able to help. That has to count for something. I’ve never really been able to give time to a charity before. We’ve written checks every year, but I have never been able to help directly. I don’t have major skills to share, but I’m sure they can find a use for me.

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