Pictures and parents

My parents are coming into town soon and I have managed to set up a date when all the parents (mine and Hubby’s) are available to get pictures taken of the family all together. Hubby asked about having his sister in the portraits as well, but my sister is in Washington state and it wouldn’t be a complete family portrait without her and her husband, so it’ll just be our parents, us, and the kids. Both fathers hate getting their picture taken. So, I set it up with the mothers and let them break it to the fathers. 🙂  Shift the responsibility whenever possible! I’m really looking forward to having pictures of all of us.


This means that, sometime within the next few weeks, the upstairs bathroom will get done and the downstairs bathroom will get finished. There isn’t much to do downstairs, but it’s things like putting in baseboards and that sort of thing. Daddy has said he’d help with that, too. Yay! The upstairs bathroom has been about 1/4 finished for 3 years or so. Half the drywall still needs to be put in and all the fixtures except the bathtub. I thought I’d already bought a vanity and sink, but I’ve only got the toilet and medicine cabinet apparently. Huh. I’m going to have to ask my husband if he hid them (maybe in the garage) or if I really haven’t bought them.That’s an unexpected expense (again). Ah well, I’ll figure it out. I always do! Other than that I still have to buy the tile for the tub surround and the linoleum for the floor. Dad says that tile on the floor upstairs is a bad idea because the floor moves too much up there and it will crack the tile. So, linoleum it is. Easier and cheaper. Can do.


I’ll be very busy the next few weeks, both getting ready for their visit and doing all that work with Dad. I’m looking forward to it.



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