Weekends are the bane of housework. Especially laundry. I just want to spend time with Hubby and the kids on the weekends, but the housework piles up and I have that much more to do on Monday. I let the clothes sit in the washing machine over the weekend and now I have to rewash them. Ugh. That puts me even farther behind. Lesson learned.


I love weekend with the family though. We sit around and do nothing all day or we get out and go for hours – there is no in-between. The kids and Hubby spend half the day playing video games together while I watch and comment from the sidelines. We read and the kids play with Legos. It’s all, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy look what I built!” No matter how into a book I am I will always take time to listen to their (highly dramatized) account of what the creation is and what it does. Usually it involves some sort of battle. And for some reason it’s never, “Dad, Dad, Dad look what I built!” Nope, it’s Mom or no one. I love it though. Mostly. If they’re doing it every 5 seconds or whenever they put two blocks together, eventually I’ll tell them to cut it out, but mostly I love it. I’m all too aware that this phase is going to pass and soon enough they won’t want anything to do with us.


Last night Younger Boy was going around giving his goodnight hugs and kisses when he got to his brother; Older Boy doesn’t like kisses anymore, but he loves hugs from Younger Boy. He insisted on giving extra last night. I don’t know what we did right, but they love each other fiercely. It make me so happy to see it. Older Boy is 10 now and starting to get ideas about being on his own and privacy but, every day before school, he gives both Younger Boy and me hugs in the middle of the hallway before he goes into class. He even lets me kiss him on the head. As far as I can tell, not very many of his classmates still do that.


Weekends are when we spend the most time together just hanging out and talking, too. Hubby and I talk about the news of the day around the kids. As far as the presidential elections this year, they know how we feel about some of the candidates and we have tried to tell them why and read articles about the candidates out loud so the kids are getting it not just from our mouths, but from the candidates themselves. Both sides. I have tried to be open about our finances without being overly detailed. They don’t need to know how much money we make yet or exactly how much is in the checking account at any given time, but they need to know that we are trying to economize and why. They need to learn about money management and, at 7 and 10, they are not too young. (They just had a “store” at school where they can bring in $2 and buy things from the store for cents. It helped Younger Boy with coin recognition and math and helped Older Boy with his mental math because he had to know how much change he was owed. I loved it.)


Weekends are our time to play together and learn about each other and connect. We do that during the week as well, but uninterrupted time is always better. And that means that housework doesn’t get done to the same extent that it does during the week. Worth it though.



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