Spring has sprung?

This year’s weather is bipolar. One day it’s all happy and sunny, the next it’s gloomy, cold, or raining. It has been the warmest winter I can remember and now, in mid-march, it’s 80 degrees! Weird. I wore capris yesterday and the day before. Meanwhile, I just folded two sweaters that I wore last week. Good grief!


I’m not going to have a garden this year. We dismantled the raised bed and used the dirt to fill in where our little deck used to be. Now it’s grass there and there is nowhere to put my garden. We wanted to give the grass a chance to get going good before we move. But i have to admit that my mind is wandering to garden related things. Seed are in the stores and apple trees are on my mind. I am determined to have apple trees at the new house. We love apples and I’d love to have nice shade trees that will give us fruit. And a little garden patch. Nothing too obnoxious but enough to grow some for home use. Maybe a strawberry patch to grow for jam. This assumes that we get some land. The way it’s looking, we’ll be lucky to get 1/3 of an acre, and we’ll need every inch of it for two growing boys to play in. That’s OK though. I like watching them play, and even getting in there with them sometimes. I may not be able to run much these days, but I can still throw a ball or a frisbee.


Spring is such an optimistic time. New growth and warmer weather conspire to make everyone happy. I love the New Year, but it’s so easy to forget about the feeling of new chances when the weather is still so gloomy. Spring is the time of renewal and I love making my resolutions now instead of in January. I’m much more likely to keep resolutions made in Spring than those in gloomy January. The weather remains good and my mood remains elevated and I’m much more likely to keep doing good things when I’m happy. Is it that way for you, too?



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