Parents and bathrooms

In a week or so, my parents are coming out so that Dad can help me finish the upstairs bathroom once and for all, and so that we can get family portraits taken with both sets of grandparents and our family. With my parents living in another state, it’s going to be one only about the fourth time we’ve all gotten together. We’ve seen a lot of each individually, but they don’t often all get together. It’ll be our 15th anniversary the end of this month, so that’s my excuse. Really, I just want the pictures and to get the bathroom done finally. Hubby seems to break out in hives every time it’s even mentioned these days. That’s cool, I’ll do it, I just want help from someone who knows better what they’re doing than I do.


It’s going to be a blast to work on a project with my Dad again. He’s not as spry as he once was, but that’s OK, really I just need his help putting the ceiling up and doing the plumbing for the sink. I’m only 5’2″ so I can’t reach the ceiling without a stepladder, much less hold up the drywall while I screw it in. It’s definitely a two person job. Dad has a long history is fixing up houses and it’ll be great to see them again this soon. Usually we see them once, maybe twice a year. We just saw them at Christmas, they’re coming out in April, and we’re going there for a bit over the summer. YIPPEE! I talk to them just about every day on the phone, but it’s just not the same. I’m super excited.


And, because we are not taking the pictures until the end of April, I have time to try to lose some weight. Mom has time to pay down her little bit of debt from a disastrous trip they took where they not only blew a tire, but bent the rim. They had to spend a chunk of change getting that taken care of. It will also allow me to save a little up for the pictures and to get whatever else we need to finish the bathroom. I have the big stuff: the toilet, the vanity and sink, and the medicine cabinet. I still need tile for the floor and tub surround. I’m using the cheap, white squares so it won’t be as expensive as the downstairs was, but we’ll still need a couple hundred dollars to buy it.


I guess my big plan for paying down the debt and saving at the same time will have to be put off yet another month. That’s OK though, I’ll get plenty out of that money and we’ll finally have a second bathroom again. That’s worth a few hundred dollars to me. So are the pictures. So I’ll save next month’s disability and use that for the tile and pictures and be happy as a clam. Then we’ll start paying down the credit card properly. I’m OK with waiting a month, it won’t mean much in the larger scheme of things and we’ll be adding value to the house for when we get ready to sell it.

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