Budget update

Just redid the budget to take my personal training and Older Boy’s lack of karate into account. The disability money is going to be what we have to pay towards debt. There is only a little wiggle room in the regular budget. I will definitely be trying to spend less on groceries, entertainment, and dining out, but we still want to live a decent life while we’re saving and paying off debt. So we’ll eat out less, spend less on entertainment, and plan grocery trips better, but we won’t totally cut the fun out.


I’m doing pretty well on grocery shopping so far. I’m paying attention to the loss leaders, making my meal plans around what we have in the house and what’s on sale, and looking for coupons last. Just by planning around what we already have and buying only the things we need, I spent only half of our regular budget on groceries this month. I thought about rejoining a warehouse club for their good prices on meat, but loss leader meat is just as cheap if not cheaper, and impulse buying at a club store is really damaging. My mother in law is a member of one and I’ll just give her a short list of the things that I actually want (paper plates, hot drink cups that my husband loves) and pay her for those. No impulse buying and no hassle. Occasionally you’ll find a great deal on coffee or something, but their buying limits mean that it’s not good enough to save you the $45 membership fee. There just aren’t that many really spectacular deals.


The boy’s dojo does a parent’s night out once a month. The thing is, it costs quite a lot for the two of them to go. Add the cost of our dinner out and possibly a movie, and we’re talking $150 night out! That’s got to stop. The kids have fun and so do we, but with finances being tighter than usual, that’s just too much. This last time was wonderful – we ate Indian food and came home and binge watched Netflix, but it was expensive for just that. We’ll have fewer date nights but ask Hubby’s parents to watch the kids once every couple of months. It’ll be just as much fun, the in-laws will get extra time with the boys, and it won’t cost us as much. It’s a win all the way around.


There are ways to have just as much fun without all the expense.

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