So many socks!

I’ve been hanging laundry and actually keeping up with it, but yesterday I did a load that seemed to have every sock in the house in it. I hang socks and washcloths over the top of the garment rack to dry them because there just isn’t room to hang them along with the regular clothes and I don’t have that many hangars anyway. But yesterday I had to double them up on top of the rack. They’re two and three deep up there! But, no one will lack for socks once they dry out.


The laundry thing is working out well finally. I had to get into a groove but now I’m collecting laundry from everyone’s rooms every day or two instead of once a week so I’m able to keep up with it. Now that we have good speakers for the computer, I’m jamming out doing housework all over the house. It’s great.




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1 Response to So many socks!

  1. Mom says:

    Ah, life’s little pleasures!

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