Good smells and economics

Ahh, German industrial music. Always a favorite. It helps with the never-ending chore that is laundry.


I finally finished making soap the other day. I had made just enough to get us washing again and no more, so I went back to it and got it done. Lemon. I was at a home show recently where I saw bars of homemade soap going for $6 a bar. More reasonable bars of homemade soap were going for $4 each. Including the essential oils that I’m getting to reuse for each batch (plus other uses), I paid about 50 cents a bar for a dozen bars and I got to customize the scent. Worth the little bit of time it takes to make. I also have Epsom salts left over from last year’s Christmas gifts of bath salts, so I’m making some for myself (using those same essential oils). It helps with sore muscles from the gym and smells good, too!


I’ve been reading my economics and personal finance text (turns out it’s a high school textbook, but it’s a good refresher on econ – it’s been years since I studied it) and enjoying it. It’s a love letter to capitalism with very little examination of how the U.S. system is no longer purely capitalistic. Free market is all according to them. But, isn’t that what most economic theory says? At least the stuff that the U.S. system is based on. There has been a lot of talk about socialism lately, what with Bernie Sanders, a self-defined democratic socialist, running for president. It’d be interesting to be in an economics class right now I think. I haven’t gotten to the personal finance sections yet, but I don’t expect much. It being a high school textbook, I’m hoping they go over how to balance a checkbook, but that’s about the most hope I hold out. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s a quick read and enjoyable at least.


I won’t go into politics here, but this is turning into quite an enjoyable political season. We have a businessman vs. a socialist as the up and comers. I would love to hear debates between the two of them! Who knows how this is going to turn out, but you can be sure I’m going to be casting my vote!



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