I’m going to the gym regularly now. Surprise , surprise! I am getting better at my diet, a little. I am enjoying myself. That last one is key.


We donated a car to Habitat for Humanity recently. For those who don’t know, they are a great organization that builds homes for those in need who wouldn’t be able to afford home ownership on their own. They require “sweat equity” (the family has to help) and former President Jimmy Carter has supported them for decades. They are a neat organization, you should check them out.


Anyway, we donated a car to them this week. The rules for donating automobiles have changed since the last time we did this almost 20 years ago. Now you get sent a paper once the car has sold that tells you the sale price, and that’s what you get to deduct. It’s no longer fair market value. So, we shall see how much this gets us. This is the car that we’d had so much trouble with – the reason we got the van. It’s still drivable, mostly, but we are just not going to pour any more money into a car that’s worth only a couple of thousand anyway. So, this way, Habitat can sell it and use the money for their projects. It’s more than we could donate to them in cash, and they’ll make good use of it.


Lots of organizations will accept cars as donations, whether the car is running or not. Habitat picked ours up from our driveway. They’ll pick up for the side of the road, a mechanic’s shop, anywhere you designate, and tow it to wherever it will be sold from. Within 30 days you’ll get a letter that you can use for the tax deduction. Just make sure that the organization is a true non-profit and that the gift is 100% tax deductible.


It feels good to be able to donate something of real value to a cause that we believe in.


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