Lists galore

I spent $12 today getting a good whiteboard, pens and eraser, and a little cup that attaches to the board to hold them in. I have a largish white board that I’ve written the days of the week on and that’s my weekly calendar. I have a 12 month calendar on the wall nearby, but that whiteboard gets the list of things that are to happen this week that may or may not be important enough to list on the actual calendar. Planned shopping days, training appointments, kids’ project due dates, that sort of thing. My 12 month calendar is large, but even writing small, not everything would fit in the squares. So I have the whiteboard. I bought another one today to use as a grocery list. I’ll post it on the wall or on a cabinet and we can just write things on it as they start to get low. I can transfer it to paper before I go to the store.  I’ve tried doing running grocery lists on paper, but we tend to lose the pad of paper under other things on the counter.


It seems like I’m doing a lot of double entries, doesn’t it? A monthly and weekly calendar, a whiteboard grocery list and a paper one, and a new budget every month. For me it seems to be that the more often I write something down, the better I remember it. All of these double entries keep the lists and appointments fresh in my head every week so that I’m less likely to forget something. And the way the weekly calendar is posted, I can see it from anywhere in the kitchen or the living room – the two places I spend the most time.


I love my lists and have written them all my life. I have never gone over to electronic lists on my phone or tablet because they just aren’t as convenient and immediate to me as ones that I hand write. Typing doesn’t offer the same memory benefits to me as writing things out does. Yes, I know there are writing apps for the electronics, but they never look anything like my actual writing. Paper and pen or marker and whiteboard are where it’s at.


I am going to start going to the grocery store once a week only again. That makes a central, master grocery list important. I’ve tried those templates where you just check off what you need for the week from a list of everything you could possibly buy, but I find that a huge waste of paper. With a regular list I can just write out what I need and tear off the amount of paper it takes; the rest can be used for next week’s list. Not only that, but those big lists are awfully bulky and unwieldy when you get to the store and have to start crossing things off. A smaller notepad makes for easier portability and marking. For me at least.


I guess it’s because I’m such a visual person that writing lists out helps me so much. When I try to remember what was on my grocery list, it’s easier to recall the exact look of the paper and just read it off in my mind than it is to remember what we said we needed. I have little notebooks all over the house, in each purse I use, and in my car so that i can write things down as they occur to me. I’m definitely a list girl.


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