Computer and Indian food

In the ongoing computer saga, we got speakers. Everything is set up properly and works. Whew! And the speakers are way better than anything that would have come built-in to a monitor.


The kids had a night out last night which meant that Hubby and I did, too. I had Indian food for the first time. YUM! Kofi I think it was called. It was little potato and veggie things in a divine sauce over rice. We’d never had Indian food before but I knew that there were several vegetarian options and I was in an adventurous mood. I got teased because I kept changing my mind though. I’m naturally an indecisive person and generally not terribly adventurous. So, I kept changing my mind about whether I wanted to try something new or not. Finally Hubby laid down the law and told me that I needed to make a decision because we were getting close to the turn off for the restaurants. I said Italian (which I knew I liked) and he said, “Aww!” So, Indian it was. I’m awfully glad we did it. I am getting a tiny bit more adventurous as I get older. Hubby has been all over the world (with the Navy) so has tried all kinds of foods, some of which he still has no idea what they were. I’ve been all over the U.S. but never out of the country, so I’m more timid. I’m getting better though.


Afterwards we just came home and watched Netflix until it was time to pick the kids up. Exciting, I know. But it was fun and I’m glad we had some time together. We chatted and had a lovely evening.

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