When it rains (and winds), it pours

We had some severe weather a couple of days ago – fierce winds and lots of rain. The fence that my husband and his father put up a couple of months ago blew down. So yesterday Hubby and I were out digging holes to sink the fence posts in as a temporary measure until we can get the materials to actually fix the thing. Our computer monitor died yesterday morning as well. We were already going to be tight this paycheck, but this has put us back enough that we are going to have to use the money that was earmarked for the emergency fund to fix the fence and get us through the pay period. Darn it! But, at least we don’t have to resort to the credit cards again. That’s something, at least.


Hubby had a horrendous day yesterday actually. He woke up to the downed fence and our neighbors’ two pitbulls growling at him from our backdoor. The male dogs were making our little female afraid to go out to go potty. Hubby growled back. Then, later, they had to call in an ambulance for one of the students where he works but he didn’t know that the building was divided into two different sections, (he’s worked there 4 years and no one thought to tell him) so he sent the ambulance to the wrong side of the building. Then at lunch, he was shaking the bottle of dressing for his salad and the top came off so he got ranch dressing all over himself and his work space. At this point he told me about the dressing and I was expecting to see him home any minute because just that makes for a bad day, but he had to grade, so he had to stay. Then he came home and we thought he’d shored up the fence just fine by setting boards against it to prop it up. We went to the other side of the yard to get one more plank, and the fence that was only half down came all the way down in the opposite direction. So, we had to start from scratch and dig up the places where the posts had been, dig them deeper to secure them, then screw the bottom and middle portions of the fence to the – now shorter but sturdier – posts. Of course, I wasn’t much help. After being couch bound for 3 months from the torn ligament in my ankle, I’m weak as a kitten. Mostly I was there to start holes and hold things while Hubby fixed everything. He was gracious about it and gave me some credit though.


So, this morning I dropped the kids off, got a couple of prescriptions filled, went to breakfast (this was before I’d checked the bank and paid the bills. I had no idea we’d be this tight), and bought a computer monitor and set it up. I paid the bills and was promptly horrified. The only thing that makes me feel better is that I did our taxes and we’re getting a refund. At least we don’t owe anything! My arthritic knee and the torn ligament ankle are giving me fits today after digging holes and slipping around on the mud yesterday, so no gym for me, but at least I’ve gotten things done that needed to get done. Tonight the kids have Ninja Night, a parents’ night out run by their karate dojo, where we drop them off at 6:30 and pick them up at 10. I don’t know what Hubby and I are going to do for those 3 1/2 hours (it can’t be anything too expensive!), but it’ll be nice to have an evening, even if all we do is binge watch Netflix. I won’t be able to talk him into taking me dancing, and I don’t think I could dance on my legs the way they’re feeling today, but it sure would be fun someday. Maybe we’ll go see Deadpool again. It was amazing.


Anyway, that’s been my couple of days. Yikes! And my mother-in-law jinxed us by saying that nothing else could go wrong when she came over last night. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop now. There’s sure to be something!

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