We have a large particle board armoire in the kitchen that we use as a pantry. There’s not a huge amount of storage space in our house and we gave up the one little place where we could have put a 2 person table to have a second freezer and this huge pantry. Well, the shelves are bowed because they were never meant for the weight, the bottom front piece is broken, and the thing is several years old and looking pretty broke. Now that we have the shelves upstairs that were built to take the weight and have several shelves open, I am going to transfer everything up there and we’ll get rid of the pantry.


Here’s the fun bit. Our little stand up second freezer is getting awfully full awfully quick between bread, milk, and chicken strips bought on sale and we’ve outgrown it. So, we’ll get rid of the pantry, save up, and get a larger chest freezer. We’ll keep a running inventory on the lid so we know what’s in there, and we’ll have room for everything we want to stockpile! Right now appliances are on sale at the home stores, so I’ll have to wait for another round of sales to get one, but that’s OK. There aren’t any bigger chest freezers for sale in the area used, so it looks like it’ll be new, but definitely on sale.


I’m a dork to get excited about storage, but I am. The theory of not spending extends to not paying more than I have to for groceries and toiletries. For the first few months my grocery bill may not go down much, but I’ll be sure to get things at their lowest prices. With a bigger freezer, I can stock up on meats, milk, cheese, and veggies when they are on sale. With the shelves I can get canned goods, paper products, and toiletries. Then it will be about using what we have and restocking only when things are back at their lowest prices.




I was excited when I go the pantry because I’d finally have enough storage in the kitchen. Now the storage will be upstairs on the big shelves, but there’s even more of it. The exercise going up and down the stairs will do me good. When freezers go on sale again, I’ll get a big one and we’ll have plenty of room to grow. I know that to run well it needs to be full, and I plan to fill it with sale priced meats, home grown veggies, bread from the discount bakery store, and low priced milk. The young ones can’t live without frozen breaded chicken strips, so I’ll stock up on those when they go on sale as well. We can sell the little freezer for what we bought it for since it’s still perfectly good and works quite well. We bought it used and haven’t harmed it at all.


Storage is my friend and we’ve come a long way in terms of how much we have. The house has small closets in each room (no walk-ins or anything larger than what you need to hang some of your clothes) and a positively tiny linen closet. We now have large shelves built for whatever weight I decide to put on them. We have a second freezer and a large pantry in the kitchen as well as a bookshelf holding small appliances. We have created usable space and I love it.Yup, I’m a dork.

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