I’ve been talking about how tight our budget is about to get with this next paycheck. I’m pulling a fast one on us though. We both get disability from the Navy. It gets delivered to the old bank. I’m leaving it there to accumulate for the time being. In a couple of months we’ll have a fully funded bumper fund and I’ll let it sit until there’s enough there to make it worthwhile to take it out and pay a lump to the debt. But that disability accounts for about a quarter of our pay on the first of the month. I’m budgeting without it. I”m using only the amount that’s going into the new bank to make the budget. The bumper fund will be there if we need it, but we’ll be living off less than we could be. The only reason I don’t switch the bank that it’s going into is because that’s a website that I can’t remember the password to. Oops. It’s not hurting anything going to the other bank. We’re keeping the account open there because that’s where we’re going to get our new mortgage. We’ve had that account for 20 years now and are attached to it.


Anyway, that disability money is a tenth of our monthly pay almost that’s going to get set aside for the debt exclusively. In addition to whatever else I can scrounge to put toward it. I guess it’s kind of that pay yourself first thing that I always pooh-pooh’ed, but I’d be doing the same thing if it were in the new bank. I am taking our spending down a couple of notches. That means what’s not getting spent is going towards the debt.


I’m going to make up a new game. The game is called “How Much Do I Have Left”, and it’s played at the end of each pay period. The goal is to have money left over at the end of the two week period. I will give us the smaller amount to start with, and I am going to see if I can save enough on groceries and just not spending to have money left over. Anything that’s left goes to debt. I don’t know how we’ll do, but it’s a challenge. Especially with the money going to personal training and his hobby; it’ll be fun to try.

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  1. vintage51 says:

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    Goodness knows I have been there…the pay check to pay check cycle. When my husband was still in the military and I was a stay at home mom…and I am sure you know how little the military pays. We used to treat ourselves by renting cheap movies and having a homemade pizza night or nachos to make it easier to get through the tough times. We made our own cheap or free fun for the family. Games nights…girls nights with my daughters where they got to do my hair and we did our nails and watched girly movies. Or I would make a special dinner with the girls and we would celebrate another week gone by. Good luck to you with the budgeting. Cheers, Michele

    • Thanks. My husband did 20 in the Navy, so I know what you mean. We’re not quite back to those days, but we are certainly more restricted than we’ve been in several years. It’ll take some getting used to, but I’ve factored in fun money. I don’t want us to feel deprived, just snug. Thanks for the good wishes!

      • vintage51 says:

        My husband served 27 years first in the infantry and then in the Canadian Airforce. I am a proud retired service dependant. My dad, mom, brother, brother-in-law and ex-sister-in-law all served in the Canadian Airforce as well. I come from a long line of military members. Have a great day. Cheers, Michele

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