Updates from the front

I’ve been pretty all over the place the last few days in my posts. Sorry. I’m looking forward to getting my personal training text this week. I won’t get the personal finance and economics one until next week. In the meantime, I am doing my best to keep from spending anything that I don’t have to. It’s a weird place to be in when you haven’t had to be there in a while. That’s OK though. We only have a little bit of money until the end of the week and I’m used to staying home except to go to the gym and take the kids to school and pick them up. It gives me time to get the house cleaned up and read. I bought a whole slew of books for Valentine’s Day and I’m working my way through those while I wait for the textbook to get here. Of course, most of them are personal finance. 🙂


I made some soap with the last of the soap base that I had. There is an entire medium tupper full of soap, so I have time to wait for another 50% off coupon to come along to buy more base. Since I’ve signed up with two email accounts by accident, I will have two coupons that I can use, as well as the one in the paper that I can get from my mother-in-law. I’ll have soap base for days! I use the glycerin soap base and get it for about $5 with my coupon. That’s enough to make around 10 bars. Glycerin soap is really expensive if you buy it regularly, but I’ve found that it’s good for my skin (at 40, I am still acne prone).


The sales aren’t great this week in the grocery stores, so I held off on buying anything but the essentials until I see what next week’s specials bring. They come out Wednesdays, so I don’t have long to wait. In the meantime, we have plenty to get us by until then.


The weather can’t decide whether it wants to be spring or dreary winter, so we are getting both, all in one week. It was 65 the other day so we turned off the heat and opened up all the windows. It was gorgeous. We usually turn the heat down at night anyway, so we didn’t notice that we’d forgotten to turn the heat back on. When we got up the next morning it was 63 degrees in the house. It felt good while we were in bed, but it was just too chilly to want to get out of bed and start the day. Hubby braved the chill and turned the heat up so that, by the time I got up, it was nearing a comfortable temperature. I tend to keep the house what I consider chilly but everyone else says is comfortable. I end up under blankets all winter, with slipper socks on, and my feet are still cold when it’s time for bed. So I put them on my husband to warm up. 😉 But, we have kept our heating bills reasonable this year. New windows, roof, and siding actually helped! Add to that that we didn’t turn the heat up as high (didn’t have to), and the bills have been significantly less than last year. Now, if only we could get the bathrooms finished, we’d be almost ready to sell next year.


Anyway, that’s the frugal news from the home front for now.



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