Shake up

I’m going through a transition right now. I’ve talked about it already. I am starting to exercise regularly, I am changing my diet to a much healthier one, I am going at frugality in earnest, and I am taking up studies again. It’s an exciting time for me, folks. I’m hoping that I can keep up with everything and that by trying to change it all at once I can just learn an entirely new schedule and set of routines. The only things that are staying the same are when I drop off and pick up the kids. Once they get home, not much else gets done for the day. Hubby gets home shortly after the kids and we all sit around and veg. Watch movies, or play video games, or read. We have instituted mandatory unplugging time from 7-8 PM, and after that the boys get to watch one 30 minute TV show, then it’s bedtime for Younger Boy, and Older Boy gets to stay up and read for another half hour. Homework gets done as soon as they get home if I’m making them do it, and at 7 if Dad is making them do it.


Theoretically, I can get everything I need to done in a day. Of course, that doesn’t account for weird things that happen, but no schedule is perfect. Have any of you ever done something like this? A big shake up meant to reset your life a little? Did it work?



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2 Responses to Shake up

  1. youmeanme says:

    I do that every so often, though it often doesn’t completely last for a very long time in my world. I find that some changes stick and the next time I do a shake up a few more stick. It’s taken my four years to have the budget actually stick 🙂

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