Saving money

I had a lesson in the change in mindset I’m going through about saving money vs. not spending it. When I went to talk to the trainer about sessions, he gave me the spiel and showed me that i could save money per lesson by having more lessons throughout the month. For 3x a week, it was $40 while for once a week it was $50. Yes, I’m paying a higher per session rate, but I’m not spending $240 a month! I wouldn’t have looked at it that way before. Honestly. I’m that much of a dork that I would have rather paid less per session and gotten more sessions than paid less overall. We absolutely can’t afford more though. We’re stretching to afford this. But, it will be worth it if I can lose close to 100 pounds and stay healthy. But for a little arthritis in my knees, I am perfectly healthy right now. I’d like to keep it that way, and losing weight will help the arthritis, too.


Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be about exercise. This is about me learning not to spend. While the sessions with a trainer aren’t strictly necessary, they are more likely to get me to my goal. Therefore the money is worth it. I told you about my grocery “mishap” the other day. I had just given myself a big pep talk about not spending then went out and spent on junk. It’s like I’m on autopilot for half of this stuff. I need to shake myself out of it.


What better way than to shake up everything and therefore need to reexamine everything and learn new routines? New diet (an actual, healthy vegetarian diet, not all carbs all the time), new exercise routine, new study periods, time set aside specifically for housework, and meal planning and prep. I actually cooked meat today. Well, I opened a vacuum packed slab of ribs and threw them in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce. That counts, right? I had to actually touch it to arrange it so that it fit right. I washed my hands very quickly after that, I can tell you! But, I’m going to start cooking dinners again. Meat and all. I’ll end up cooking two a night (one for the meat eaters, and one for me), or at least making sure that they eat my dish as their side, but it’ll be worth it to have dinners that are healthy again and not whatever we can scrounge up at the last minute. That counts as not spending money.


It’s all the same stuff that all of the frugal and personal finance authors have been telling me for years. Heck, my husband even tried to tell me. But it took this one book, stating it in this one, specific way, for me to really understand it. At least I finally get it.

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