Diet and groceries and exercise, oh my!

It isn’t going great. I gave myself a huge pep talk last night about how I could do this and this time I was going to lose all the weight. And then I went grocery shopping hungry. Duh. So, I ended up with a bunch of cruddy food. I am saving the cookies for the kids’ lunch boxes, but the rest of it goes back. The stuff that I opened goes in the trash. It’s a waste of money, I know. But, it’s better than an extra 10 pounds that I have to lose. It was an object lesson in what not to do. I was a good girl and actually got rid of it all. Now I have dried pineapple if I want something sweet, and carrots and celery, apples and bananas to snack on. And walnuts.


My second workout is in the books, and I signed up for personal training once a week. They will give me “homework” (personalized workouts and diet tips) to do during the week and, since I”m doing it on Mondays, I’m hoping it will get the week started off right. It’s expensive, but no more so than a dinner out every paycheck.


I know, I said I was going to cut our spending by the same amount every paycheck. I still am. I just need to make sure that I am extra vigilant about shopping better and not spending money. If I can manage that, we should still be able to go out to eat occasionally and enjoy our weekends doing some stuff that costs money. We enjoy going out on the weekends and that’s when we spend the majority of our entertainment money. I just need to be careful about grocery shopping and spending during the week, and we’re golden.


This is all asking a lot of myself, but I can do it. I am trying to schedule my days better. I want to start studying personal finance in a methodical fashion. I ordered a textbook that covers personal finance and economics. I was good at both macro and micro economics in school, but I could use a little refresher. I also ordered a book that personal trainers use to study for their certification tests. It’s an intro, overview, prep kind of book. I am going to set aside a couple of hours a day to work through those and see what I can do with them. I may or may not ever actually become one, but I want to study like I’m going to become a personal trainer. That way I can be my own trainer. I will have an idea of different exercises to do beyond just the most basic, and I can learn motivation tips and tricks. I have already taken anatomy and physiology in nursing school so I’m good there. The book was $50 including expedited shipping. It’s a lot, but that was used – the book was $76 new. And, if I decide I want to become a personal trainer down the road (not beyond the realm of possibility if I can stay motivated and lose the weight. It will make some money and give me incentive to stay in shape!), I can use what I’ve learned from that book, buy the other two in the set (about $60 for the both of them new), and then take the test.


I always have such big dreams. I start something and am all pumped up about it then, as time goes on, I lose interest. I know that happens to everyone to some extent, but for me it’s habitual. However, using a trainer, scheduling my days so that I have “class” time and leisure time as well as housework time, will allow me to get a variety of things done and, hopefully, keep me from getting bored with any of it. Since I’ll only be spending a couple of hours on any one thing, I shouldn’t have too much time to start to hate it.


Anyway, this big, rambling post is to say that changes are afoot in the Green adn Thrifty household and I’m excited about them.

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