Two steps forward, one step back


Getting back into the swing of things but something always comes up, doesn’t it? This time it was school registration for next year. We’re staying put for another year and the boys are staying in Montessori, so the registration wiped out half of my bumper fund that I’d been busily saving. At least it didn’t have to go on a credit card. And, we’re not totally back to square one either. There’s still some in the fund so we can keep going while I build it back up without too many problems (hopefully).


Last night Older Boy threw up several times (this came from Younger Boy who did it Friday night), so he’s home from school today. Cheerios and Popsicle to keep him fed and hydrated until we know he can stomach real food. He seems to be doing just fine though.


That means today is dedicated to laundry. Doing a load and folding three. I will get to hang it and I will listen to punk rock while doing it. Life’s little pleasures.


Yesterday was my first workout in months at a gym. I joined last Friday and had my first free appointment with a trainer yesterday. Boy, oh boy. It kicked my booty. I’ll go back tomorrow though. He’s trying to get me to sign up for sessions with a trainer two or three times a week. While I’d love to, it’s $40 a session (more the fewer sessions per week you get). There is no way in the world I can afford that. Heck, I can’t afford one session a week. I’ll do one session periodically to refresh my workouts maybe, but I can’t do more than that. That’s OK though, there are resources all over the place that can help me. has tons of workouts available. They have beginner workouts available. They don’t take true beginners into account, but the workouts are there and you can modify them yourself. There are tons of sources – magazines that deal with fitness usually post content on their websites; you can look at the magazines at the library if you don’t want to subscribe. I’m going to start with’s 30 day beginner guide and get a grounding before I start working through on my own or through any of their more advanced routines.


Of course, after I got home from the gym I realized that i had chocolate and chips in the house that I needed to get rid of before I start my eating plan in earnest. Instead of throwing them away, I (yup, you guessed it) ate them. There weren’t tons of either left so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but that’s my step back. At least they’re gone now and I can start replacing them with veggies and sweet fruits. It’s funny, my husband eats well, and we all like fruit so I buy bananas by the dozen and apples 16 at a time. I buy the two pound bag of carrots and at least a pound and a half of grapes at a time. I’m going to have to start buying more. My husband and Older Boy eat all of that. I’m going to have to buy enough so that I can eat those during the week as well. At least veggies aren’t that expensive.


So, overall, two steps forward this week and one step back. I’m still headed in the right direction though.

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1 Response to Two steps forward, one step back

  1. Mom says:

    Baby steps, Dear Daughter, baby steps.

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