Paid off the last of the tuition yesterday. YIPPEE! That’s done.


Now it’s all about saving money and getting debt paid down. I’m excited about this. We’re back on track and starting to dig out.


I got my garment rack delivered the other day, so I’m all ready and set up to start hanging laundry again. This one feels sturdier than the others were. I’m hoping it is.


It’s winter and we haven’t turned up the heat much this year. Yes, it’s finally winter in the south. It was 65 degrees last week, but it’s cooled down considerably since then. Like a good thrifty girl, I am deploying the sweaters and blankets rather than crank the heat up. Great, fuzzy bathrobes are snuggly, too.


I did a bit of grocery shopping today – frozen foods to last the month. Half of it was on sale, the other half wasn’t. But, because I save 5% off the top for using my store card, it wasn’t too bad. I figured it was worth getting the on sale stuff (the majority of the cost) and the regular price stuff all at the same time if it’ll reduce the number of trips I take to the store this month. I’m going to go back tomorrow and get more of a couple of the things. I hit my limit today but I can bring the husband tomorrow and use him to get more. Target is having a rare coupon on meat: spend $25, get $5 off. Chicken strips that my kids eat are on sale for $5.99 this week. With that coupon, they are $4.99 if I buy 5 bags. It’s a text coupon and one per person. So, tomorrow I’ll go with Hubby and we’ll use his phone to get 5 more bags. That should last us a little while. Not as long as you’d think the way my kids eat chicken, but still. Since it’s off $25 or more, it only makes sense to buy 5 bags at a time to maximize the savings. No matter how much over you spend, you still only get $5 off. It’s a freezer stuffer sale though.


I’m slowly learning how to save again. I think I told you that chips are not a good stock up item in our house. No matter how many I buy, we’ll eat them all quickly. Too quickly. It’s unhealthy. So, no more stocking up on chips, I’ll just leave buying them at all until they are on a good sale. Same with chocolate. The main culprit in that one is me though. So, no bulk buying candy. Ever. But coffee? Sure! I published a list not long ago of things that we are or want to stock up on. I just need to stick to the really good deals and only buy things that I can’t make cheaper. Toilet paper for instance. Soap I’ll make. I can customize my scents as well that way. Hard to find orange blossom scented soap for cheap, but I can make it! And the soap base is utterly reasonable when Michael’s (the craft store) is running a 50% off one item coupon. Then it’s $5 for enough base to make a dozen bars. And it takes only a few minutes per batch. The essential oils are the most expensive part of the process, but even those last a long time, so their cost goes down over time. I’ve used them for soap for 6 months and bulk bath salts for gifts and I’m still on my first bottles of scent. I go just heavy enough on the scent that it releases in the shower but my husband doesn’t smell like orange blossoms all day.


I’m just babbling away today. I promise I’ll be more coherent tomorrow.  😉


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