I can’t remember when I’ve had such a good day in Williamsburg. It’s winter, in the middle of the week, and a little cold. That is, apparently, the best time to go. We had a wonderful time! And, January through mid-March, there are discounted rates on tickets. There was almost no one there – all of our tours were quite small groups so Older Boy could ask questions all he wanted. The boys got to be right up front so they could see everything as well. we got into all of the tours and places we wanted to and had most of them to ourselves. The reenactors were all very nice and willing to teach. We stayed in the courthouse for about 20 minutes just listening to the man there teach us and getting our questions answered. We were the only ones in the place. It was amazing. I learned things that I didn’t know before and so did the boys. Not only that, but the people who were there to learn were very polite and everyone said, “Hi!” to the kids when they said, “Hi!” to them. We saw the armory where we heard the tale of Blackbeard’s capture (the bloody version because my 7 year old is bloodthirsty), the Capitol where we saw both houses of the assembly and the courtroom for felonies, the Governor’s Palace with it’s walls full of weapons meant to intimidate petitioners, the book bindery, the shoemaker, and a couple of other places. We got some small trinkets to remember the day and help the kids learn (a pocket Constitution and Declaration, and a copy of a few pages of the Virginia Gazette as well as a cup and ball toy and a snow globe). And, as always, we capped off the day at the candy shop. It’s incredible – they have every candy known to man – and usually packed. Not yesterday, we got helped as soon as we walked up to the counter. Older Boy has taken to calling it Honeydukes because they sell chocolate frogs with trading cards in them like Harry Potter got. He’s collecting the cards (an enjoying the chocolate). They also have my favorite thing to get there, caramel apples covered in chocolate and nuts. YUM!


I would absolutely recommend a trip to anyone who likes history or even just a nice walk. The main street is long and picturesque. The Governor’s Green is just a long grassy area, perfect for sitting or picnics. OK, I have been an advertisement a few times lately, haven’t I? Sorry. Williamsburg is one of my favorite places in the country though, and we had an amazing day there. They make history come alive and make it really personal and entertaining. Everyone who works there is really knowledgeable and willing to teach.


If you ever make it to Virginia don’t just go tot he beach or DC, take a side trip to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. Totally worth it.

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