Mini-vacay and final tuition payment!

Today the kids are home and it’s parent/teacher conference day. I am going to end up taking them with me, but that’s OK, their teachers are still generally pretty honest and the kids acknowledge where they need work. After wards we are taking a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. Older Boy has just finished learning about the Revolutionary War and is on to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, so I figured Williamsburg was the place to go to understand the Revolution better. I have a degree in political science with a minor in history and never understood the Revolutionary War and it’s lead-ups better than when I visited Williamsburg after I’d graduated. I thought I’d give him the benefits of it earlier than that. Plus, they have a killer candy shop that sells chocolate frogs (from Harry Potter) and he collects that cards from those (and they have amaze-balls caramel apples!).


Today marks the last tuition payment that we have to pay for this year. YIPPEE!! The check from my school refunding my pre-paid tuition cleared (they withheld 2 cents for some reason. It’s really annoying because that was our two cents and they had no right to it. I know, it’s petty, but it’s the principle of the thing!), so that gives us enough to pay off the kids’ tuition for the year plus put a little in savings.


That’s where the money is going to go for now. I’m rebuilding our $1000 savings bumper. Once that’s set up again, it’s off to the races, paying off the debt as quickly as I can until we need to start paying tuition for next year. The races aren’t going to be as fast as they used to be now that we have that ginormous car payment, but it should still get done.


That’s the excitement around our house today. The kids and me being in Williamsburg for the day gives Hubby some much needed alone time. Something that is in short supply for him. It’s a little vacation for all of us.

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