A random post about randomness

I’m having a grand old time doing laundry, keeping caught up so that, when I get my garment rack, I can start hanging clothes. Wow, that was an involved sentence, wasn’t it? ANYwho…


I should get the last necessary piece of my tax puzzle week after next, so I will finally be able to get that done. I have everything but that one piece taken care of already. Gggrrrrr. But, the return will be going straight to the debt anyway, so I guess it doesn’t really matter when I do it so long as I’m on time.


Sweepstakes have become a thing for me lately. I’m not spending all day on them or anything, but I’ve been entering a few. It’s like playing the lottery, but without the cost. I get to imagine all of the wonderful prizes coming my way (riiiight), and it only takes a little bit of time to enter online. I’m not too serious about it, but I spend about half an hour a day going through the sweepstakes site and entering what looks good. What the heck, right?


I’m still reading the book by Jean Chatsky. I seem to be journaling more and reading less these past several days. That’s OK though, I’ll get it read. Have no fear, few books go unread in this house!


I found this wandering around Facebook, and thought it summed up my philosophy pretty well. That is, of course, a used bookstore, but nonetheless…


So, the transition to the new bank has smoothed out some. We have all of the bills and accounts updated to the full and correct bank account number. What a debacle that was! We’re finally getting everything straightened out and settling in though. Whew!


That’s about all the randomness I can fit into one post.

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