Online shopping

Yes, I did some. I ordered a pair of vegan boots to replace the several pairs of leather boots that I’m finally getting rid of. On the plus side, my favorite pairs of sandals and one pair of boots that I already had were of man made materials, so I get to keep them! Yay! I also ordered a commercial grade garment rack so that I can start hanging clothes again. A chunk of money, but the little $15 jobs weren’t able to withstand even a couple of months of wet clothes without bending and collapsing. Hopefully I’ll have this one for quite some time and the savings should eventually catch up with the cost of acquisition. It’ll be nice to be able to hang clothes again. There’s something zen about it.


I don’t generally do a ton of online shopping except for books, but these were things that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find around here. The only garment racks I could find were the cheap ones and I’ve already gone through two of those. One I could excuse, but two is a pattern and I won’t waste my money again. I do like the convenience of online shopping though. Wonderful things delivered right to your door. It’s like a mini Christmas every time I get a package. I try to stay away from it because it’s easy to get carried away though. I bought $100 of stuff in 15 minutes! Can’t keep doing that.


Anyway, are you an online shopper? Are there only certain things you buy online? Inquiring minds want to know!

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