I’m a stay at home again

I’m loving it, too. We are so very lucky that I can do this and I am grateful as all get out. I get to spend time with my loved ones, write, read, take care of the house, and plan ways to save money and be more frugal.


Speaking of which, I just reread my About page to update it and I am not doing many of the things I said I would. I’m not planning dinners at home, I’m not hanging laundry anymore (my garment rack died and I don’t have anywhere to hang a clothesline), I no longer have a compost pile, and as I mentioned, I haven’t made natural cleaners in quite a while. Huh. I am going to need to work on that. Things slipped when I was in school. It was crazy stressful and I slipped back into my spendthrift ways. Time to change that. I’m at home again and it’s time to figure out new ways of being thrifty and going back to some of the old ways as well.


We are still using homemade bath soap – I need to make some more (it’s the melt and pour kind, but it’s cheaper and better on my skin than regular soaps). The heat is still set low and I use blankets and sweatshirts to make up the difference. The rest of the family is comfortable, I just tend to run cold, so it’s a thing for me to have at least 2 blankets on the couch, at the ready, at any given time. I need a Snuggie, one of those blankets with arms. I will admit that we went out to dinner and I bought some full price books (there is a bookstore in the mall with the restaurant that we went to). In my defense, everyone got books. It was a nice evening and one that we won’t repeat for quite a while.


Anyway, now is the time to recommit to being frugal and working on my health. Both are important and I have time for both. No excuses!



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