Less frugal than I thought

I went right out and bought the books that I’d been wanting and got the fake nails, too. At least I was willing to wait until we actually had the money. That counts, right?


I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve really gotten out of the frugal habit. Yes, I still turn lights off when we’re not using them, but I bought laundry detergent. It was on sale and I had a coupon, but that didn’t make it cheaper than making my own. I’ve been doing that kind of thing lately. My frugality has become relative rather than absolute. The laundry detergent was cheap for store bought detergent (relative to other brands) but not the cheapest option (absolute). It’s time to get back to the frugal life.


The thing is, I bought lots of detergent and toilet paper and other things because I had coupons matched up with sales. Now that I’m back to being frugal, it’s like I stocked up before a snowstorm – I have a ton of stuff that I can just burn through before I need to worry about making my own. No money out for a while. That’s nice. That means more for debt!


I have to admit I really love my stockpile. I’m only adding to it as I find really good deals, but I’m stocking up on things that we are going to use, like toilet paper and pasta. We have enough of each to last a couple of months. I’m never stocking up on chips again though. I found family sized bags for $2 (an unheard of price), so I bought a bunch figuring that we’d eat them over time. Nope. We’ve gone through almost all of them. There is always a bag of chips open in the kitchen. We used to buy chips every once in a while and it was a bit of a treat. I’m not doing that again. I’ll buy a couple of bags when they go on sale like that and they’ll stay a treat. But, mostly I love never being out of things. I highly recommend a stockpile if you can.


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