Spending fast

It’s going well so far. Younger Boy’s birthday party was Sunday so we spent on food and a small cake for that, as well as some veggies and fruits for the week. We also filled up our gas tanks because we were both out. That’s all necessary stuff, so I didn’t mind spending on credit to get it as we’ll eventually get the paycheck straightened out and be able to pay it back. We are trying not to spend on anything that isn’t strictly necessary though. No used books (that have been sitting in my online cart for a week and a half already, Grr!), no fake nails (that I decided I wanted last week and was just waiting for this check to get), no Slurpees for the kids, no dinners out or ordered in, no movies or anything that we don’t absolutely need.


All of this is highlighting why a spending fast is doing me good. We haven’t been in this position for a long time and I’d forgotten what real restraint is like. Our Ramen, and crackers, and peanut butter days are long behind us. This is an opportunity to remember what delayed gratification really is, and learn to practice it again. One of the tenants of frugality is waiting to purchase things until you have the money. I had forgotten what it was like to not really have the money to purchase whatever small thing I wanted. While we haven’t wanted a big thing in a while, it’s a good reminder of how flabby my patience muscles have gotten.


I take that back, we did just purchase a new car. We could have gotten a much smaller loan for a used car and been fine. We didn’t have the money saved up for a replacement car because the SUV wasn’t really that old and hadn’t been having problems. So, whatever we did, we were going to have a loan. A smaller loan would have been easier and quicker to pay off. But, this was my dream car and we had the chance and the ability to buy it, so I went for it. I talk a good game, but when it came time to buy, I didn’t get the Prius that I wanted as well (more environmentally friendly and better gas mileage), nor did I practice restraint and buy a late model, used car. I think frugally about the small stuff, but not the big stuff. I let my wants overcome my frugality and went for the big one. We will be able to pay it off early, and we plan on driving this car until it can’t be driven anymore, so that’s good at least. And it comes with a great warranty. I know, I know. It’s done and I’m deliriously happy with the van, so I don’t regret the purchase at all. What does that say about me? I guess I’m still learning.

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