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I’m headed back into finances. With our money messed up, we’re on an enforced spending fast. So, back to reading about money. This time it’ll be about how whatever you have is enough. You Don’t Have To Be Rich by Jean Chatsky. I had just started it when all the drama began, and I’d like to get back to it. She starts out with research that says that money, over the amount needed for living and some luxuries, doesn’t actually bring happiness. She sets the number at about $50,000. Up to that point, money can make you happier because it will get you some luxuries and make living easier, after that, the happiness levels out.


I have been one of those people all my life who has believed that just a little more money would fix everything. I’m recovering from that feeling now. I’ve looked around at my life and realized that we have enough. Enough stuff, enough money, just… enough. It’s a freeing revelation.


We are going to be moving this summer probably. I had looked at the mortgage calculators (the ones that don’t take anything but income into consideration), and decided that we could stretch and afford a ton of house. We could live in the neighborhood of our dreams. The best school system in the area, a big house and a big yard. All for only about twice as much as we’re paying now. My eyes got bigger than our pocketbook. I looked at it again this morning and realized that, if we do that, I am locked into having to take whatever job will have me and working my butt off at it for probably minimum wage just to make the mortgage payment. The problem with that is that working for minimum wage would only just about pay for the day care that would be needed to take care of the kids while I worked. It wouldn’t get us ahead. Hubby pointed out that we don’t actually need me to work to be doing just fine. I can apply for jobs that pay more that I think I might be able to get instead of going with the first place that pays me $8 an hour.


This all made me revisit the housing situation a little more realistically. I redid the mortgage calculator with more reasonable numbers and looked at what we could actually afford right now as a payment. Much less than we can probably qualify for. But, I looked at our chosen areas and the houses exist. There aren’t many, but they exist for the amount that we are able to pay, with the number of bedrooms we want, and with reasonable backyards. That’s reassuring.


Now we just need to finish the bathroom renovation.

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