Money, money, money

It’s on my mind at the moment. I mentioned yesterday that we are having a bit of trouble getting the switch in banks straightened out, so there is a chance that we won’t actually get this paycheck. We’d get it bundled into the next one or the one after, but that doesn’t do us a whole lot of good right now, does it? I was just settling in to start paying things off and now we are going to have to put all of our bills on credit until we get the pay straightened out. UGH! It will get straightened out and we will be able to pay the money back, but it’s the principle of the thing. I had just vowed to not use the credit card again, and here this comes along. Pain in my patootie.


This doesn’t derail my plans, it just postpones them. And, for the moment it puts us on a spending diet. Not the worst thing in the world. Since everything has to go on credit, we don’t want to spend more than we absolutely have to. That means no dinners out, or even much grocery shopping. We have a ton of food in the house and can live off of it for the time being. So, a spending fast it is. At least when it comes time to pay everything back, we’ll have extra to pay down the card even more. Silver linings!

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