Earlier this week my husband and I had a discussion that messed with my mind some. It was about my obsessions. I tend to go through interests fairly regularly. I’ll get interested in one thing for a while to the exclusion of all else, then move on. As we figured out, it was the lack of follow through that actually bothered him, not the obsessions themselves. So, I have decided that I am going to keep learning about things as much as I want and just quit buying supplies for everything.. His response to this decision? “OK.” But, the discussion came just as I was ramping up into an obsession, so it not only cut that off, but plunged me into deep considerations about the way I do things. All in my own head, of course. The upshot is that I am out of financial mode, green mode, or really any mode for the moment. I am having to reset my mental stabilizers. So, back off to fiction I go for a little bit and then I’ll dive back into the thick of my financial education again.


I have lots to choose from actually when I’m ready to head back into it. I have books on being grateful for what you have and realizing that it’s enough, I have a textbook on accounting that I bought used and have been meaning to read through to teach myself, I have some books on social entrepreneurship and using it to change the world, I have books on sewing, and others on writing, I have books on homesteading, and raising chickens. Really, I have books on just about all my interests, it’s just a matter of choosing where I want to dive back in. In the meantime, I have young adult novels, and romances, science fiction and fantasy, horror, general fiction, and classics to choose from. I am pretty much set for a zombie apocalypse – I can stay barricaded in the house for as long as it takes and not grow bored.


I found a new source for used books, but I haven’t actually ordered from them yet. I’ll let you know how it works out. They seem legit and their prices beat Amazon’s. Right now we’re having a bit of trouble switching banks and getting the direct deposit straightened out, so no ordering books for me. Gee, I’ll just have to fall back on what I already have. What a shame. Lol! I did go buy a couple of new books though, my son is reading a series and needed the next book so, of course I had to get it for him. Lo and behold, one of my favorite authors in the world has a new book out that just happened to be staring at me, on sale. Well, what would you have done? It was a good book.

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