Getting closer

We’re almost out from under tuition payments for the rest of the year. I’ve already paid the next two months, this paycheck will see two more months down, and I have a check coming from the school that I’m no longer in that should take care of the last of it. No more overtime for Hubby! Once that’s done it’s time to start paying everything down again. I need to save up my mini-emergency fund and then get going on the debt. It feels good to not have to scramble for every last penny to make sure that we can meet our obligations. I’m certainly not going to go crazy now that tuition is paid, but I can give us a little elbow room. Assuming that last check comes in. With that school, I’m not going to count on the money until the check clears.


I have applied for a few jobs. Cross your fingers.


Whatever comes, I’ll roll with it and do the best I can at whatever I’m doing at the time. Right now that means laundry and finances. So be it. I’ll do the best darned laundry and finances ever! LOL!

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