Back on the wagon

I have started my new diet and exercise routine. I know that the first week or two is always the hardest and am prepared for that. I don’t know if my family is, but I am. I have decided to be a bit radical in the beginning to jump start my weight loss since I am not going to be burning tons of calories by exercising at the start. As I get more used to the routine and able to do more, I may slack off a little on the rigidity of the diet, or I may stick to it just to keep losing quickly.


Yes, I am aware that a radical change is supposedly harder to stick to, but it’s actually easier for me to totally change what I’m doing rather than slowly ease into it. It shocks my system into actually thinking about what I’m eating and doing rather than just doing it on auto-pilot (which is part of what got me to where I am). The same thing happened when I went vegetarian. I kept thinking about food, but it was in a different way. I thought about why I was eating the foods I was, and not about what I was “missing”, and I didn’t miss it. I am also aware that, with calorie restriction comes hunger. It’s funny, I can miss meals normally and not bat an eye, but I restrict what I eat for each meal and actually commit to eating them, and food is all I can think about. I suppose that’s not a bad thing as long as I’m thinking about what I should be eating rather than what I “can’t”. I have enough supplies laid in to last the month and we’ll take stock then and see where we are.


This is not the ideal way to do things, I know. This truly is a diet in that I am limiting the amount of time I spend eating this way. But, mostly this section of my plan is to shock my system into thinking about eating again. I have been on auto-pilot for so long that I eat without thinking about it. So, I am drinking meal replacement shakes during the day and that leaves only dinner that I have to plan. I can spend all day planning dinner if I want to and make sure that it’s a good one. The shakes ensure that I get all of my nutrition during the day, and leave me thinking about food anyway, so I can plan a good, limited dinner. Once I start being able to exercise more, I’ll replace one of the shakes with real food (since by that time I’ll have an expanded repertoire of recipes to choose from) and, eventually, I’ll transfer breakfast back to real food as well. I have proven for the past year that I can’t be counted on to eat like a good vegetarian – instead I eat all carbs – so I can spend the day planning balanced dinners instead of trying to figure out each meal at the last minute.


Like I said, not ideal, but at least I have a plan to get back to real food in a much healthier and more balanced way. I’ll build up my available recipes and write them all down so that I have something to consult when I’m not sure what I want or I need an idea at the last minute. What I ended up doing when I decided to go vegetarian was stop eating meat but keep eating just like I used to. I ate chips and pasta all the time, chocolate and ice cream, bread… all the carbs that I used to eat, just more of them. Since I’m going to be thinking about food all day anyway, I can turn that toward planning my one meal of the day. Planning makes all the difference.


While all of the sudden going to a partially liquid diet may seem extreme, it will get me thinking about what I eat again. I won’t just be shoveling in whatever looks good. IT will give me leisure to plan (which I haven’t been in the habit of), and that planning will help me get off the shakes sooner. The exercise will definitely help, but food is 80% of weight loss and I have been eating very poorly indeed.









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