Mini vacay

Last Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the U.S. The family had it off from work and school. We all ended up taking the previous Friday off as well, so it was a 4 day weekend. We did a whole lot of nothing. I went shopping on Sunday and bought a whole lot of stuff for the stockpile – everything that’s usually $2.50 or more on sale was on super sale for $2. I bought many multiples of things. I also bought my shelving units. The ones I had originally planned on buying were truly for garage use; they had 2×2 metal wire mesh as shelves. All of my cans would have just fallen through. So, I ended up getting 2 sets of shelves that were half the length of the originals but had sturdy, solid shelves. I ended up with the same amount of storage and this will work better as I can put them together by myself (after my husband helps me carry them inside).


I didn’t really keep up with savings this time because it was mostly from sale items and not coupons. I did the math on my coupons and it was generally better to buy the on sale item or the generic than to buy with a coupon. So, I didn’t work out how much full price was versus sale price so it’s hard to gauge how much I actually saved. And, because I bought so many of certain things, my grocery bill was high. I know that I saved at least $7 on just two products by buying multiples while they were on sale. I haven’t worked out the rest.


One little funny…while the family was away over Christmas (we were gone for 2 weeks), our dog spent the time with my in-laws. They have a dog as well and the girls are great friends, we thought it would be kinder than boarding her. Well, it seems that she started getting anxious after about 10 days because she began chewing things up. She chewed up a blanket, her crate pad, and something else that I don’t remember (but belonged to the in-laws). Poor baby, we felt so bad! Once we got her home we didn’t even set up the crate for her, we just let her roam the house. We finally got around to setting the crate up again and she was happy to see it. Since I had to replace the pad that she’d chewed up, I decided to get her something super comfy and plush instead of just a pad. I bought her a really nice dog bed. We put it in the crate and waited to see what she thought. She didn’t go near it all day. In fact, the cat was the one curled up in it. Now, the dog won’t chase the cat off when he’s in her crate, so the cat sat, enthroned, all day. In the afternoon, we kicked the cat out and got the dog into the crate but she wasn’t comfortable there. OK. So, we put the plush dog bed on top of the crate for the cat and I went out today and bought a crate pad for the crate. The dog is curled up, comfy as can be, on the pad, and the cat is happy in his new dog bed. Weirdos.





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