As I’ve said before, I have a little time right now during which I am lucky enough to be a homemaker. I have been a miserable failure at this in the past. I let myself get into a rut and ended up not doing housework or keeping things running smoothly. This time I am determined to do it right. If I can get in the habit now, it will be easier if/when I get a job to keep it going. So far it’s going well.


Part of being a homemaker is making the home a pleasant place to be. To that end I am cleaning up and clearing out. Older Boy just told me that he thinks everything is perfect and I’m a perfect mom, so that’s nice to hear. But, in reality, there is work that needs to be done. I am trying to take things room by room, but I am a little scattered so I’ll start in one room and end up in 3 others before I get back to the one I started in. It’s getting done little by little though.


Saving money so that we have enough to pay for the things that we need to pay for and still have a little for fun is another thing that’s my responsibility as homemaker and keeper of the budget. That’s where the coupons and price book and budget come in.


I used to think being a homemaker was about the occasional load of dishes and laundry. I know better now that I’m older. My husband works so that he can provide for us. It’s my job to make sure that that money is used wisely and efficiently. It’s my job to see to the smooth functioning of the household. It’s my job to keep the place clean and orderly so that we’re not embarrassed to have people over. I make the home and I set the tone for it. My mother always told me that it was the wife’s job to set the tone for the marriage and the family. I never knew what she meant. I know now. There’s an old saying that says, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!” It’s true. While Hubby’s mood when he comes home can change the dynamic of the house, my mood when I greet those coming home can have a positive or negative impact on the rest of the day. If the kids had a bad day, or if Hubby had a bad day, it’s possible to turn that bad mood around by being positive and attentive to their needs.


This is not to say that I am subservient to anyone. I am the Mother. I handle things at home until Hubby comes home and then we handle them together. But I have certain responsibilities and I am learning to enjoy them and take pride in them in a way that I never could before. The best thing about feminism is that women have choices now. For the moment I choose to be a homemaker. If I”m going to do it, I might as well do it well.

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