After all that stockpiling, you’re going to need to figure out where to put all of your treasures. (Ideally you figured this out before you went shopping, but anyway…) There are all kinds of places to store things. I am going to set up a shelving unit along one wall of the spare bedroom. It won’t look as nice as pictures on the wall, but it’ll certainly be more functional, and you never know, my guests might be so impressed that they’ll want to start stockpiling, too!


What if you don’t have a spare bedroom? There are still some places. Under the bed. A shelf in the linen closet. In the garage (if you have one). On bookshelves stuck in corners of rooms. In boxes stacked up with a table cover thrown over them to make a coffee table. Same thing but stacked higher to make a side table. In your closet on the floor. In the kids’ closet on the shelf over the clothing rod. Don’t forget the space on top of things – bookshelves, the refrigerator, or the top – usually unreachable – shelf in your cabinets (step stools are wonderful things, so are tall family members!).


What about if it’s just you or just two of you? You can still stockpile and find places to store it, you just won’t need as much.


I have pasta stored in boxes that I have left over from Christmas. Medium sized boxes from packages you got in the mail, or from reams of paper make good storage boxes for odd sized things that you have a lot of. Just be sure to write on the side what’s in the box so it doesn’t disappear into storage oblivion.

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