My stockpile

I am building up a stockpile again. Sales and coupons are my friends. I recently bought 30 boxes (pounds) of pasta because it was on a really good sale. I have reserves of granola bars, toilet paper, paper towels, snack sized storage bags for lunches, and a couple of other things. It’s a start. I want more of most of them, but I have enough to last at least a couple of months. We have reserves of meat frozen as well (bought on sale, of course). We just keep forgetting to thaw any of it! (I just put some in the fridge now that I’m thinking of it)


I’m going to start looking for sales that I can stack with my coupons. I used coupons because I had them last time I shopped and I saved around $60. That’s pretty good, but I could have done better. This time I’ll try to match my coupons to sales and only stock up if it’s a rock-bottom price instead of a just good one. We have enough to live on for a while so I can afford to wait on most things. Milk and produce are two that I haven’t reserves of. I can stockpile milk in the freezer, but produce has to be bought every week or so. I will end up at the store every week but, I do anyway. Even when I say I’m shopping for the next 2 weeks or month, I always end up at the store for bananas, or ice cream, or whatever. This just formalizes that and allows me to budget for a weekly trip to hit sales and specials. I think I can stick to this better (without the in-between trips). We’ll try it and see. But I can plan on hitting a few stores over a couple of days if I need to which will allow me to hit the really good sales wherever I find them.


In the meantime, I have realized that I need a better storage system than just stacking things in the corner of my spare bedroom. We have a bed in there, but we really only need it when my parents come to visit once a year or so. I found some industrial shelving (on sale) at a home store that will take up almost an entire wall of that room and allow me to keep all of my stockpile in one place. Instead of stacked up, I can display it on the shelves so that I can actually see everything that I have. That will make my usage better and I can check my stockpile quickly before I head out to  the store to buy something on super-sale. I will be able to get rid of the bookshelf in the kitchen that holds toiletries and small appliances, and maybe even the large (starting to get broken-down) particle board armoire that I bought to use as a pantry. Everything will fit on this gigantic shelving unit.


While I don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea of needing to get by in case of a natural disaster or war (I think that’s a bit pessimistic), I do want to have our most used things in stock so that we don’t run out. It’s a nice feeling not to have to run out to the grocery store at 6 PM because you’re out of milk and you need it to finish dinner. You can just take a trip to the freezer (just pour a little off the top so that it doesn’t burst, and you can freeze milk in its plastic jug) and get another gallon out before you’re done with the current one. It can be thawing while you use up the last of the jug before it. Or, if you need a quick dinner and don’t have anything ready to cook, you can just run upstairs and get a box of pasta to boil. It’s dead convenient!


Anyway, I’ll be stocking up over the next few months and I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe you’ll even get a picture of my spandy new shelves once I have them stocked.

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