Coupon queens

I am reading a book called Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey, and it’s interesting. I’ve only gotten a little ways into it, but they tout couponing and stockpiling as a bastion against uncertainty. Lose a job? Your stockpile can get you through and save your money for other necessities. Natural disaster? Your stockpile can see you through. And, your grocery bills will plummet if you use coupons wisely. You can see a 60 – 80% drop in your bills once your stockpile is built up. In the meantime, you’ll still get that kind of savings, you’ll just be bringing home oodles of groceries for the same amount of money that you’ve always spent on just a few.


OK, edit: I finished the book and it was good. They take you through it step by step and explain all of the things you need to know to save tons on your shopping trips. I was inspired to spend a couple of hours yesterday scouring the internet for coupons and clipping away. I now have a box that holds my coupons (divided by category), a calculator, pens, and paperclips (to hold them together if I need to make separate transactions). I need to add a pair of scissors so that I can take advantage of any coupon books they have in-store.


I am – for the moment hopefully – a homemaker. I have time for this. If I get into the habit, I may even get quicker at it than I am now. I will spend some time on Wednesdays with the different store websites and see who’s got what on sale. When sales match up with coupons and it’s a good price, I’ll buy as many as I have coupons for and stock up. Generally you can print two of any coupon at a site. If you can find multiple sites for a coupon, you can print even more.


I’m not going to subscribe to the newspaper just yet I don’t think. I may not keep up with this the way I want to. They newspaper offers Wednesday and Sunday delivery only – the days the store flyers and coupons come out – but it’s a yearly subscription and it’s quite a chunk of change. I’ll give it a couple of months and then we’ll see where we stand.



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