2 years

I hit the 2 year mark on Green and Thrifty the other day. Wow. Thanks for hanging out with me for so long! I seem to be right back where I started a couple of years ago, but things aren’t always what they seem. Yes, I am in even more debt than I was then. (or at least the same amount, I haven’t really looked back to see) However, this time I’m not intimidated and worried as much because I know I can get out of it. I know how. I have learned some lessons along the way and I’m proud of that.


I’m grateful for what I have and have realized that it’s enough. We don’t need bigger or better anything, we have all we need and most of what we want. The van was our largest purchase ever besides the house, and it was the dream car for me. It’s not the super, uber edition of the van, it’s actually the base model with some things thrown in, but it’s exactly what I wanted. With luck and good maintenance I plan on driving this van for the next 10 years at least. There is literally nothing big that I want right now. Mind you, if I won the lottery I’m sure I could think of a couple of things, but, in the real world, there isn’t anything I really want.


I am not afraid of debt anymore. I know I don’t want it but, if, as happens, it happens again, I know how to get out of it quickly. My goal is to be debt free except the new house in 3 years. That’s a really tall order, but I think we can swing it. Especially if I manage to get a job within the next several months. That’s paying off the credit card and the new car… whew!


I am in the habit of turning off lights and making my own soap and I’m getting back into cooking at home. We always bring our lunches to work and school and, once my ankle heals, I’ll be working out at home. This has all become second nature since I started all of this a couple of years ago. I am not the same person I was then.


So, this time around, I have a plan and a budget that is workable. There is the possibility of a job on the horizon (I live in hope) and, if not (or until then), I can devote myself to figuring out how to cut costs at home. WE let ourselves get a bit flabby in the money saving department, now is the time to start exercising those muscles again.


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