Books are my weakness. For every gift-giving occasion I ask for gift cards to bookstores. We just got back Monday from my parents’ house in Alabama (that’s why I was away from here for so long. I unplugged while I was there) and, while there, my mother (who gave me my love of books) took me book shopping no fewer than 3 times. I love that woman. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law gave me a rather large gift card to another bookstore. I love her, too. I so rarely get new books these days. I trade in books I’ve read for other used books mostly. It’s lovely because I get to browse used bookstores and I come away with books I never would have encountered at a regular bookstore that’s categorized to within an inch of its life. But, this enabled me to get new books and books that are slightly more expensive. I’m still a frugal girl though because, whenever I had the option of getting something electronically for less, I opted for that. I love paper books, but being able to get more books won out over being able to physically hold them in my hand.


Most of the books I got were on frugality and personal finance and the like. I’m reading the book I told you about a month or so ago – America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right On The Money. So far I’m quite liking it. There is nothing Earth-shattering in it, but it’s a good brush-up for me. That’s only because I’ve read so many frugality books though; for a newbie, or even an intermediate cheapskate, it would be an amazing introduction to the lifestyle. They have different levels of action plans at the end of each chapter for newbies, intermediate savers, and advanced frugalistas. I am enjoying getting back into the frugal frame of mind, and this is a good book to get me there.


So, I’m back into the thick of reading money saving books again. I took a little time off to read some romance, and I will continue to do so, but I’m ready to get back to some nonfiction as well. More book reports and reviews coming soon!



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