Back to it

Well, I’m being forced back into frugality starting next month. Actually, starting this paycheck if I don’t want to be too squeezed. We have a car. It’s 10 years old. We have another car that is newer and reliable and all that, but we have this other car. It was making a strange sound so we took it in to the mechanic to get the noise fixed. 2 weeks later (and over $1700 later), we got the car back and, not only was the noise not fixed, but the car ran worse than it did when we brought it in! Needless to say, we are contesting the credit card charges and not going back to that mechanic. IN the meantime, that car is not running right and we are afraid to drive it for fear of a breakdown. The car is only worth a couple of thousand dollars, at best. So, rather than keep fiddling with it, we went out and bought a new car. Not just a new-to-us car, an actual new car. A minivan actually. A really nice one. Needless to say, the payments are ridiculous. But, the car has a bumper-to-bumper warranty for 7 years, and we prepaid (at a major discount) maintenance for 3 years. We plan on keeping up with the maintenance and running this car into the ground before we get rid of it. We got 10 years out of the SUV, we can get at least that many out of the minivan. All of this means that we are going to be Germany for a while. Austerity all the way.


My school lost its GI Bill funding and has pending lawsuits against it, so there’s no telling if I’ll be going back. 3 months away from being a nurse, and it may all have been for nothing. The credits don’t transfer anywhere because of the accelerated nature of the classes (a semester’s worth of work in 5 weeks). Who knows what’s going to happen in the next couple of months. In the meantime, I am going to start looking for a job again, just in case. I may not be able to make the kind of money I would as a nurse, but at this point, every little bit helps. I know, timing, right?


We are back where we started a couple of years ago in terms of debt. We were completely out of debt for 3 whole months. That’s it. Ah well. I got us out once before, I can do it again. We didn’t have to go with the minivan, but I figured that we’d need the room in coming years. The boys are getting older and are going to want to play sports, have friends go places with them, and that sort of thing. In our previous cars none of that would have been possible. This one has enough room to haul kids, sports equipment, and anything else we need to pack into it. It should last us through the teenage years. As far as the payments go, it’ll be tight for a while, but we’ll get through it to better times. We always do.

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2 Responses to Back to it

  1. youmeanme says:

    Congratulations on that 3 months! The minivan sounds like a great long-term investment. Best of luck with the mechanic and school. The timing is really awful.

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