Water, water everywhere

Water and I are a thing now. I used to drink a few sodas a day. Now I drink mostly water. Here lately I’ve been indulging in hard cider of an evening, but that’s not a long-term thing.I have a cup of coffee in the morning, water for the rest of the day, and maybe a cider in the evening. Not bad for a girl who could go through a 12-pack of soda in 2 days. Much cheaper, too. I still drink soda when we go out to eat even though I know it would be cheaper to drink water then, too, but I just can’t do it. It’s a treat to go out and it’s a treat to drink soda.


We ran out of soda a week ago and I haven’t restocked yet. There is a store near me that runs a buy 2, get 3 free sale once every 3 months or so on 12-packs of cans. The sale flyer came out and they’re running it this week. I’ll go buy the limit of 10 packs and that’ll last us at least until the next sale, probably quite a bit longer.


We are in the red financially this pay period, but there was a purchase that I couldn’t put off; I bought a humidifier yesterday. I had awoken 3 days in a row with a headache and a slightly bloody nose. That was enough. Thankfully they aren’t ridiculously expensive. I ran it last night and woke up feeling just fine this morning. Yay! No one else in the house has trouble with this type of thing, but my husband doesn’t mind as long as he doesn’t wake up feeling like he’s in the tropics or slept in a swamp.


Besides that, we are conserving water pretty well. Our water bill is pretty steady and we are making sure that the boys don’t take ridiculously long showers or anything. Younger Boy takes baths with toys in a half-filled tub, and Older Boy takes showers with us making sure he’s not in there forever.


Water is something that we haven’t had to worry too much about. We took steps to reduce our use and it’s not been a hardship at all. Shorter showers, being assiduous about turning off the tap when we’re not actively using the water, that sort of thing. No more leaving the tap running while we wipe down the counters with a rag, coming back to rinse it out every few swipes. It only takes a second to turn it on and off. We never did leave the water running while we are brushing our teeth, so that wasn’t an issue. We aren’t at the point where we reuse water or save it in a bucket when we are waiting for it to get hot, but we are certainly using less than we used to.




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