Holidays are here again!

We got the kids’ pictures taken with Santa the other day. Yes, already. We find that when we go early, there aren’t any lines and we get a Santa who is still smiling and optimistic and happy. I ordered Christmas cards with the picture on them and, between all of my credits and coupon codes, only paid 1/3 the actual price of the cards, plus got a tote bag and magnet for free. I’m pretty proud. I got 40% off the present that my husband requested for Christmas as well. That completes the Christmas shopping for this year. I’m amazed that I got it done this early. Now there’s nothing to do but hope my hiding places aren’t found and decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. I can enjoy myself for the rest of this month and next. Strange feeling.

My husband is asking what I want for Christmas. Uhhhhh. I have no idea. I’ve been so busy worrying about what I was going to get everyone else, I haven’t even thought about what I want. I really have no clue. When we want something, we usually just go out and get it. We don’t generally want anything too extravagant. I’m going to have to put some thought into this and get back to him soon.

I am reading frugal books, but I get bored with them easily right now. I think I’m kind of over nonfiction for a while. I am going to go back to reading bodice-rippers and sci-fi and all the other mental popcorn kinds of books that I love. I’m sure I’ll get back to nonfiction, just not right now. I’m in too flippant a mood these days. No school, the holidays are almost upon us, and I’m a little stir-crazy from having a busted up ankle. I need diversion and fun. So, the holidays have begun in my house (they begin with Halloween around here) and the festive mood prevails. I hope some of it is leaking through the computer into your world, too!

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  1. I’m impressed with your preparedness–well done, you! And I think you _should_ give yourself permission to read non-fiction when you have a chance. I used to read my kids’ school library books as ‘mind candy’ in between studying Chomsky and co (formal linguistics). It would be such a delight to read a whole book (say, 60 pages or so) in one sitting, when my homework could often take an hour per page to understand.

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