Sore but getting better/ Vets day

The swelling has gone down in my ankle. Yay! But it’s still pretty sore. Boo! Darling Husband has been amazing this whole time. I’m the one who keeps wanting to challenge the wellness of my ankle by walking on it more and he keeps counseling me to take it easy. He has been absolutely the most helpful, supportive man on the planet.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the States and my son made cards for my husband and me (who both served in the Navy). I would like to pass along his wishes and thanks to anyone else out there who has served their nation (whatever nation it may be). You don’t have to have served in a war zone to have pledged your life to the defense of your country, either. I’ve never felt like a vet because my service was cut short by a pregnancy. I got out because we would have had the baby over to his sister for a few days after my ship had gone out and before his had come in… for the following two years. He’d been in longer and made more money (as a nuclear mechanic) than I did, so I got out to take care of the baby. I wasn’t in long enough to do anything really besides get trained, report to my ship for a few months, go on a couple of tiny cruises where we just went out and came back in, and then go to shore duty until I popped. But, I’m coming to realize that my service counts, too. I volunteered, even though I didn’t do much, and that’s what counts. I was in the military and would have stayed in had we not had our little surprise. While it’s not quite the thought that counts, I pledged my life to defend my country. I am officially a veteran. So, while I am thinking of veterans tomorrow, near and far, alive and dead, and appreciating all that they have done to keep me and mine safe, I won’t be excluding anyone simply because they didn’t serve long or didn’t see war. Anyone and everyone who served has my gratitude, ot just tomorrow, but every day.

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