Well, heck

Sorry about the long break; I sprained my ankle really badly (possibly chipped the bone) on the 1st and today is the first day I’ve been able to get down the 2 steps to the computer room!

I’ve started reading thrift books again just to get back in the mood. It seems to be working. Well, I say that but I spent $250 on groceries the other day. It was a meat trip. Usually I get meat bundles from the butcher/meat processor, but we have a ton of chicken and ground beef left over from the last bundle so all we needed was pork and beef. The smallest beef bundles are around 55 pounds. So, off to the store I went. I bought enough meat to last (hopefully) until the chicken and ground beef run out. I also bought the regular grocery stuff and some treats (because I was hungry). It was a cool shopping trip actually. I took the kids since they had the day off yesterday, and I got one of those electric scooters that they have at some stores, and the kids got a cart. They helped me pull stuff off the shelves, took turns sitting on my lap and steering the scooter, and helped me load and unload everything on the conveyor belt, to the car, and into the house. Older boy even helped me put the groceries away. We had splurged and gotten a whole cheesecake (with a coupon) a week or so ago and there were 3 pieces left. For their heroic efforts and amazing helpfulness, they each got their own piece (instead of the half a piece they had been getting). I, of course, got one too. Hey, I put in some effort, too!

While I spent a ton on groceries, the rest of our spending is down. Partly because of my busted up ankle – I haven’t been able to get out and shop. That’s not a bad thing though, there’s nothing we really need, honestly. So, I sit and read and binge watch Netflix with my foot up and try hard not to go stir-crazy. I’m getting a lot of good reading done at least.

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