Update (tl;dr: I’m a mess)

Free time. Ah, whatever shall I do with all this free time? So far it’s been reading and laundry. And napping. We’ll see what that’s all about soon though. I am always tired and frequently nap in the afternoons. I went to the doctor day before yesterday and got some blood drawn (5 or 6 vials!) and my first ever mammogram (uh, yay?), and I should be hearing from them soon. I’m expecting anemia and possibly diabetes, but we’ll see what comes of this.

My frugal nature has yet to reassert itself. I have promised myself over and over again that I would quit shopping, but it’s close to Christmas now and it’s much too easy to find that next, inexpensive, perfect thing. The solution is, of course, to stay out of shops and stay off shopping websites and apps. How simple, right? So, maybe instead of romances, I should be reading frugal books again to get into that frame of mind. I was reading social entrepreneurship books for a while, then I got sick of those (or at least the one I was reading) and needed something that would fit in my pocketbook, so romances became my thing again. Time to dive back into the fascinating world of saving money.

And, really, I have the Christmas shopping all but done. A couple more gift cards, and making some candles and I’m done. The kids will have fewer presents, but they’ll love each and every one. And, maybe it’s for the best that they have fewer, we’ll eliminate that overwhelmed feeling that kids get half-way through opening presents and the over-excitement that comes with it. I do need to figure out a few things for my mother though. I bought a couple of “extra” gifts for my Dad (over and above the usual set that they get), and now I need to figure out something for Mom. I still have time to make something I think, and I have the next 5 weeks to work on whatever it is.

But, for frugality, I’m going to have to work on it. Everything has gone out the window these past few weeks: diet, school, exercise, thrift… everything. Ugh. But, I shall persevere. I’ll get back into school in a few weeks, nice and rested from my break; I’ll start reading about and trying to be more frugal; I’ll keep working on being vegan, which should be easier now that I can take all my meals at home; and I have set alarms on my phone to remind me to exercise.

One good thing I spent money on was a cell phone case that has credit card and ID card slots in it. It looks like a book from the outside and I can carry my IDs and my bank cards in there as well as a little money. What I can’t carry is change. All of my change for the last couple of weeks has gone straight into the change jar in the house that’s earmarked for savings. I used to hoard change and use it when I was short on funds, but now, in it goes.

And, speaking of savings, we have enough for a month’s tuition for the boys saved! Whoo-hooo! Even with all of my Christmas spending, I’ve been able to save quite a bit and we are a month ahead of where we need to be. So, I guess my spending isn’t as out-of-control as it feels. I’m still going to work on cutting it back though, I don’t like the feeling.

Anyhoo, that’s where things stand right now. Lots of work to do, but still not nearly as bad as I was a year ago at this time. I make progress even when I’m screwing up, so that’s nice.

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