Thrift shopping

I adore thrift shopping. I got an entire winter wardrobe including sweaters (2), long-sleeved shirts(10) and pants (6) for $40 for Older Boy. I also got family movies and a couple of shirts for me and Younger Boy for only about $18 more. Pajamas for the boy from Target rounded out the trip (more expensive but they didn’t have what I was looking for at the thrift stores). 4 big bags of clothing for $60? I’ll take it! The only thing I didn’t buy was more underwear for him!

I’m rereading Mrs. Donwoody’s Guide to hopefully get back in the mood for homekeeping. For now, I have a new mountain of boy’s clothing to launder. I am going to go through their drawers today and clear out the summer wardrobes and get the fall and winter wardrobes stocked. Granted, it seems a silly day to do that when it’s 78 degrees out today, but the mornings are chilly and it’s only going to get colder. I’ll leave a few t-shirts in the drawers for days like today. That’s my goal for the day – laundry and the wardrobe switch.

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