Epic Fail

Well, it happened. I failed a class. Through my own dumb fault and without any possibility of redemption. Now I am going to have to sit out for 5 weeks until the class comes round again and hope that there’s a spot open for me. I found out Monday and have been struggling with acceptance for the last couple of days. I feel many things, not the least of which is frustration with myself. But, there’s nothing to be done about it. The best I can do is try to put a brave face on it and move on. I am not quitting the program by any means. I may even continue to go to classes just to get the information. (I haven’t decided yet) I am upset that I will not graduate with the cohort I began with, they are all wonderful people and I have really enjoyed them. I went to class yesterday and today so that I could be on campus to talk to the director and some of my fellow classmates. I even took the test that we had today – I passed – but left right after. It is disheartening and I am disappointed. It’s not the end of the world though, and we’ll find a way through.

That brings me to frugality.  Since I will be sitting out a month and a week, we will not be getting that month’s stipend check. Thankfully we were already planning ahead to when the stipend would run out, so we have a month’s worth of the kids’ tuition saved already. We are just going to need it sooner than we anticipated. At least we are out in front of it. I already have the majority of the Christmas shopping done, and we don’t really need much else besides groceries. If this was going to happen, we are in a decent position for it. Now, here’s hoping I get into the next class. If not, I’ll have to wait 10 weeks for the next one to come around and hope there’s room in that one for me. And so it goes until I get back in. Yikes!

But, we are thinking positively right now. And, on the plus side, I will have time to get work on the bathroom renovation done. I might have time to sew some finally. I’ll have some time to read some of the dozens of books in my to be read pile. I won’t have to get up early for clinicals for a few weeks. I can focus on my exercise and eating for a while. There are always positives to any situation. Or at least lessons to be learned. This time I have both.

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2 Responses to Epic Fail

  1. youmeanme says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I know it’s early than anticipated but thank goodness you have the tuition saved. I’m so glad you listed the positives too, they can be hard to find when you are disappointed.

    • Thank you. The positives aren’t that hard to find when you haven’t had any time off in the past year. It’s a year-round school with little time off, and I have to admit, it feels good not to have homework for the next several weeks. While I would rather have passed the class, taking this break will leave me refreshed going into the last few classes.

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