The bad old days

Back to my old ways recently. Eating like crud (though still at least vegetarian), not exercising, spending money all over the place… I can blame stress all I want (and I am under a lot of stress), but that’s just an excuse. I seem to go in waves of really sticking to my new habits well, then just chucking them all for a time before I come around again. That’s not exactly the healthiest way to approach, oh, anything.

Transitioning to a new way of life is hard. There are no short cuts when you want to make significant changes. And, my setbacks aren’t as bad as they used to be; that’s something to be proud of. (and I’m no longer afraid of semi-colons!) I’m doing the best I can for the moment and, as time goes on, that best will get better.

I’m going to plan out my eating for the next week and a half tonight so that I can be sure that it’s balanced and healthy. I have had to start taking iron pills because I suspect I have anemia related to my cruddy diet. Junk food is notoriously lacking in iron and that’s what I’ve been eating lately. It’s been all carbs, all the time for me. Ah well. Like I said, now that I know better, I’ll do better.

As far as money goes, well, that’s a little easier. I can’t totally stop spending it, but I can come close. I did a little recreational shopping today (about $20 worth) and felt really terrible after I’d done it. That’s a good sign at least. Shopping doesn’t fill the place of anything much anymore in my life. I do like looking at things and I will occasionally buy something, but the days of the $200 retail therapy trips are gone. And good riddance! The time is upon us that I need to really stop spending so much on anything so that we can save for the months without my stipend until I start getting a paycheck.

Between the stipend ending next month and the suspected anemia, I really am getting pretty clear signals that it’s time to change some things. I can do that.

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1 Response to The bad old days

  1. as you said you are doing your best at the moment and when things change you can do better as you plan. I find myself in the same situation time to time and I can understand how you feel. But I am sure the brighter days will come 🙂

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